Inspiration from nature and God's Word

I love beauty. And I love God's word. God's Word created everything in the beginning. And everything He made was beautiful. I am so inspired by the beauty that He makes, that I love to make it too. Whatever any artist makes, and whatever I can make, is only a faint copy of the beauty He has made.

Byron, my husband, is an incredible welder, fabricator, educator and inventor. He has a versatile and well-equipped metal shop. He bought a piece of equipment that inspired both of us - a Torchmate CNC plasma cutting machine. At the time, I wasn't familiar with the computer programs of vectorization. I struggled with drawing on a computer, even a tablet. I received a lot of tips and hints from my daughter and my son, who both are excellent with using computer graphic design programs. But it still took me several years to start to feel comfortable making designs on a computer.

I am fascinated and motivated by combining God's Words and His beautiful nature's designs. And so Crafted Metal Art was born. I still struggle with encapsulating beauty onto a computer and translating it into metal, but I love the results. I have so many more ideas dancing around in my head than I have time!

Thank you for coming to our shop and looking around. I hope you will take time to pursue God and His beauty today.

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